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Stainless Steel Rope Mesh – Manufacturer & Supplier

Stainless steel rope mesh or rope netting, also known as Tecco mesh, is a kind of wire mesh with a flexible diamond-shaped grid structure, usually made of stainless steel 302, 304 and 316, etc. The high-strength of stainless steel material makes it safety and durable. And it performs strong resistance to UV and severe weather conditions. Moreover, the diamond-shaped grid structure makes it flexible, solid and aesthetically appealing. With so many advantages, it is so versatile in application and often seen in diverse public areas like the zoo, suspension bridges, building facades, staircases, decoration design,s and so on.

Hightop Metal is a professional stainless steel rope mesh manufacturer and supplier, our rope netting products are available in two construction: Ferrule rope mesh and knotted rope mesh. The Ferrule rope mesh is combined with stainless steel ferrule, while the latter one is formed by winding two neighboring wires together.

What makes stainless steel rope mesh netting suitable for your project?

We Make Tailored Wire Mesh Solutions

The stainless steel rope mesh is made from premium stainless steel material. It’s resistant to rust which will ensure you a great using experience.
Flexible but Strong
The diamond-shaped grid structure of stainless steel rope net makes it soft so that it suits for various installation terrain. However, it is strong enough to withstand heavy loads and impact.
Attractive appearance
The stainless steel rope mesh creates a beautiful and grand landscape especially when used as decoration mesh.
The diamond openings make the mesh have a good perspectivity, which is suitable for zoo mesh and balustrade.
Durable and long life span
The durability of stainless steel rope netting gives it a long service life that is up to 30 years.
Environmental friendly
The stainless steel is a non-toxic material. It does no harm to the healthy of human and animals.

Why Choose HighTop Metal Mesh?


With 20 years of industry experience, we can provide customized solutions for customers, regardless of the size and scope of the project. We are always confident to become your reliable and trusted supplier of cable mesh. High-quality products and perfect after-sales service are the key factors for us to win the trust of customers, which is also the principle we have always adhered to.

Our company is located in the beautiful city of Shijiazhuang, China, providing you with high-quality stainless steel rope and net products. We have three factories to ensure the rapid delivery of our products.

Our products are applied in various scenarios and have been proven by the market.

Animal enclosure: Stainless steel rope mesh can be an ideal product used for animal enclosures. Strong impact resistance can protect zoo visitors and animals.

Bird Aviary: When choosing birdcage nets and birdcage nets, the key factor we must consider is to effectively protect birds from damaging their feathers during flight collisions. Stainless steel rope mesh ensures this.

Railing Mesh: As railing mesh, It not only keeps the space transparent but also provides security for tourists.

Decorative: In addition to the protective net, the stainless steel rope net can also be used as a decorative net. The modern and beautiful appearance makes your space more luxurious.

We have a group of professional and friendly staff who can help you with any problems you encounter in the project. Don’t hesitate. We are happy to answer your questions. Call us to talk about our products or your project.

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