Monkeys are flexible climbers and smart enough. The monkey enclosure must be safe enough to prevent these monkeys from escaping.

At the same time, the enclosure must be strong enough to bear the weight of monkeys climbing or jumping, and the mesh size used must be small enough to prevent animals from being entangled

monkey enclosure

monkey enclosure

monkey enclosure

Preventing boredom

Stainless steel rope mesh provides an interesting climbing network with its good ductility. You can easily link more ropes between stainless steel rope nets. Provide more climbing ropes for monkeys in the space.

Great visibility for visitors

Stainless steel rope mesh provides great visibility for visitors, which can give a good experience for zoo visitors.

Ferrule Rope Mesh Netting

flexible stainless steel cable netting mesh


Although the monkey is a lovely animal. Of course, when they are angry, they are also very instrumental. It is a wise choice to separate tourists from monkeys.

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